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What if you could run your business better AND help accelerate the transition to a lower carbon future?

At WayTrade, we don't believe in compromise.  Through technology, access to new fuels, and novel business models, we have figured out a way to get you high-performing, lower carbon, alternative fuels at better prices...while lowering your environmental footprint and keeping you compliant with current and impending government regulations.


Renewable Diesel is a relatively new and remarkable fuel. It is chemically identical to traditional diesel which allows it to be considered a "drop-in" fuel for vehicles and machinery.
Although it is produced from renewable sources like vegetable oils, used cooking oils, and animal fats, Renewable Diesel meets ASTM D975 standard (the same standard as petroleum diesel)



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Biodiesel is a different fuel than Renewable Diesel. Biodiesel has been around in some form for over a hundred years but saw major proliferation over the last 40 years. 

All OEMs in the US support Biodiesel blends of 5% with most supporting 20% blends. In addition to transportation, Biodiesel is seeing a rise as a home heating alternative.

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is a drop-in jet fuel that meets ASTM D7566 specifications. SAF is made from renewable feedstocks and reduces carbon emissions for cleaner, more sustainable aviation transport.

 In November 2023, Virgin Atlantic flew the first 100% SAF flight from London to New York.